• Air balloon trip:

There are no words to describe the sight of Rioja vineyards in the autumn.

  • Carriage ride through the vineyards:

Let’s go back to tradition, the way our ancestors worked. Board a horse and carriage like in the olden days and experience vineyards from the inside.

  • ATB ride along the Way of St James:

Our suggestion for sportier types, combining scenery, nature and adventure.

  • A walk along a stretch of the Way of St James:

We walk from one of our sites to another along a stretch of the Way of St James. A day in the open air with wine as the central theme.

  • Private dinner in Calado:

We offer our unique location in the centre of Logroño for you to hold a private event with your group, where the wine cellar becomes a place for your exclusive use.

  • Your own guide:

What better way of doing the tour than with an excellent ambassador from our own team!

  • Travel and accommodation bookings.