A tour of Bodegas Lecea is a dream combining old cellars with modern wine production. It is the dream of Luis Alberto Lecea, the chairman of La Rioja Control Board.

Bodegas Lecea lies in the historic district of Las Cuevas in Cerrillo de Verballe. Years ago, San Asensio farmers made their wines in their own wineries. Nowadays, Bodegas Lecea is one of the few vine-growers that still does this.

The winery is built above cellars hundreds of years old (they date back to the 16th century) where our wines are laid down.


Montecillo shows visitors its large, high-production winery, where they can see the astonishing wine rack in which bottles are placed by hand.

Visitors can also see the old wine cellar from 1874.

Located in the middle of Rioja Alta, it was founded by the Navajas family in 1874 and was handed down from generation to generation until the Osborne family bought it in 1973. Its commitment to quality has remained unchanged all down the years.

It is the third-oldest winery in La Rioja, still producing quality wines 140 years later.


“Calado”, in Logroño, is part of the city’s historical heritage and winner of the Best Of Architecture Award 2014.

In the historical centre, part of the Way of St James, it is the oldest winery open to visitors in Logroño (16th century).

It combines modern, functional facilities with the purest tradition of a 16th-century winery. The buildings, including a spectacular cellar, have been renovated using the original materials, structure and philosophy.